Pongal Festival of Tamil Nadu, South India

Pongal festival is a major festival of Tamil Nadu, South India. It is the harvest festival of the people of this region, and is commended as thanks giving for three days.

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Harvest festival is much-admired throughout India, in interchange names. In South India, especially in Tamil Nadu, harvest festival is referred as Pongal festival. It is one of their major festivals and is celebrated behind gaiety, pomp and eagerness. The collect State will have a festive see. The festival is named after a attractive plate called pongal, and is deeply praised for three days. They are known as Bhogi Pongal offered to the rain God Bhogi, Surya Pongal offered to Sun God, and Mattu Pongal offered to the cattles who helped them in getting harmonious harvest in their agriculture. This festival usually starts vis–vis January 13th and ends in description to January 15th, all year.

Destroying the primeval-fashioned and unwanted things, thorough cleaning of the habitat, decorating the entrants of the residence together surrounded by rangolis, preparation of delectable pongal, and thanking the cattles for their dedicated feint are some of the main rituals followed during this occasion.

Pongal dish is prepared upon Surya Pongal daylight in the midst of subsidiary rice, dal, jaggery, teetotal fruits, sugar and milk. These are cooked in a auxiliary clay pot in the right to use and allowed to swelling higher than. This boiling beyond signifies large quantity and riches for the year ahead. This appealing dish is first offered to Sun God, in the by now offering to others.

On Mattu Pongal hours of hours of day, cows are as well as worshipped, and they are considered as harbinger of riches, through milk and on the go in the fields along considering the bulls. This is called Kanumu. In some parts of Tamil Nadu, the decorated bulls are taken for bull fight, called Jalli Kattu, upon Mattu Pongal hours of daylight.

According to a legend, Basava, the bull of Lord Shiva got a curse from Him for by mistake passing His statement to people, and as a consequences, the bulls are required to plough the fields and establish people fabricate more food.

In another parts of South India, this day is intensely praised as Makara Sankranthi festival.

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