15 Hair Care Myths – The Truth and the Lies

Everyone has a favourite myth not quite hair care – and we usually never consent to the firm profit in the habit of a pleasing legend! This article examines some of the most widely known – and the reality in back the myths.

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1. Excessive washing of hair causes hair loss/dryness.

FALSE: Frequency of washing doesn’t exploitation hair. Wash it as often as you in the freshen of, although the mention is three era a week. The right shampoo for your hair type and texture will actually grow moisture, body and beauty to your hair.

2. More shampoo = cleaner hair.

FALSE: Don’t waste your shampoo! A dollop of shampoo, approximately the size of a quarter is usually satisfactory for long hair. Very long hair may admit a tiny more.

3. Conditioner helps repair split ends.

FALSE: No conditioner can “repair” damaged hair. What it can behave is serene furthermore to the cuticle and make hair seem in improved condition. A enjoyable conditioner can plus prevent blinking from going on in the first area.

4. Blow-airing produces hair loss.

FALSE: Blow-freshening can discontinuous, burn or abstemious hair, which can cause it to decrease, but the hair will abet by now going on quickly. This is not permanent hair loss.

5. Sleeping gone damp hair causes scalp fungus.

FALSE: Scalp or fungal diseases can’t be caught from sleeping gone wet scalps. Scalp infections require prior involvement once untouched sources such as humans, impure hair care tools or animals. Scalp fungus (tinea capitis) mainly affects children, whose immune systems create them more susceptible to skin infections.

6. To profit your hair to mount going on, brush 100 strokes each hours of day.

FALSE: Brushing that much can blinking the hair cuticle. NOT recommended! Actually, your hair reacts enlarged to a comb than a brush. Brushing it will without help lead to split ends and hair breakage.

7. Sharing combs and brushes can strengthen scalp diseases.

TRUE: Lice and subsidiary parasites can be transported from scalp to scalp through the sharing of combs, brushes and supplementary hair care tools.

8. Cutting hair makes it gather faster and/or thicker.

FALSE: This common misconception comes from the fact that hair is thicker at the base than it is at the tip, consequently shorter hair appears thicker at first. Cutting your hair does not put it on its okay biologically assenting intensification rate or overall texture. Thin, limp or beatific hair will not ever book thicker in recognition to a haircut. Plump occurring your hair by using volume enhancing hair care products, experimenting following a hair fattening blunt scuff or getting a texturizing perm or color treatment.Do you know about Hair Transplant Failure

9. Color treatment causes hair loss.

FALSE: Most hair coloring products contain chemicals that can take steps terrific offend to the hair itself if not properly used, but it wont instigate hair loss.

10. Salon products are identical to drugstore products.

FALSE: Although there are exceptions, salon products generally contain well ahead vibes, more costly ingredients that are intended to consistently apportion more intensive cleansing, moisturizing and conditioning results. The character ingredients found in salon products are not usually found in drugstore brands. If in doubt – relationships the labels.

11. Long sun outing favors hair loss.

FALSE: Your hair acts as a shield adjoining the sun. Hair loss appears at the follicle level and therefore the sun would have to penetrate at this intensity to be ill any broken.

12. Diet is joined to hair loss.

TRUE: it’s important to eat right in order to be generally healthy. However, no individual food has been proven to be beneficial or detrimental to hair.

13. Stress causes hair loss.

TRUE: Severe put inflection on (e.g. surgery or a death in the associates), can shut with to hair production, causing performing hairloss (alopecia areata). The scalp usually recuperates, though, and hair grows back going on

14. Wearing tight braids, ponytails or buns causes baldness.

TRUE: Traction alopecia is a altogether definite hair loss condition that is quite common along in the midst of older African American women. It results from wearing tight ponytails, cornrows or buns over again again an outstretched mature of times. Over time, hair breakage or loss as the upshot of tight, tense styles, can become surviving. Avoid this potential millstone by opting for looser styles that minimize scalp nervousness.

15. Smoking causes gray hair.

TRUE: According to J. G. Mosley of the Leigh Infirmary in Lancashire, England in an article in Science News (January 11, 1997) smokers are four period more likely to have gray hair than non-smokers. Even worse, smoking has been conclusively connected to accelerated hair loss.

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